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“Pirates 2”: EXO’s Sehun thanks the fans for their support




"Pirates 2": EXO's Sehun thanks the fans for their support

Sehun is currently working on a new project and the Pirates 2 set received a pleasant surprise to help motivate the EXO member.

The loyalty of the fans always surprises us, even though the K-pop idols They give great joys to audiences, it is their loyal followers who inspire them to continue to give the best of themselves. Sehun received a available from EXO-L and so thank you for the loving gesture.

Currently the idol from SM entertainment films a Movie under the name of Pirates 2This is a very special project for Sehun and his fans have been with him and are looking forward to seeing it on screen.

Sehun received a gift that gave him a dose of energy

Some fans of idol came together to send their love and support Sehun within the set of MovieThey prepared a food truck, buffet and Gifts for the members of this production including the cast and staff.

Sehun He also received some very special gifts and showed off his gratitude Publication of photos of the love signs he received during filming Pirates 2 next to one Embassy highly significant.

Thank you all. Thanks to the support of my fans, I gained a lot of strength


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