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Red Velvet and all its hidden talents





Red Velvet and all its hidden talents

Know all the skills that the members of Red Velvet keep secret, some idos are good at drawing and others at acting.

red velvet is one of the girls groups of K-pop Others followed, their two concepts contrast and that fascinates the public about the personalities of joy, Yeri, Seulgi, Irene Y. Wendy. OH MY GOD!

The Idols showed their charisma at various variety shows, where they unveiled some of them Skills like dancing, singing and rapping, but the cast of ‘Automatic’ also have hidden talents.

The 5 Singer Y. rapper They have unique skills in cooking, acting, music and sports.

Next, we’re going to tell you about some of the members’ hidden talents Red Velvet, you will be surprised by the professionalism and virtues of Artists represented by the Companies SM entertainment.

The hidden talents of Red Velvet


The dancer of red velvet is very good on stage, someone else ability artistic that distinguishes it is the drawing, Seulgi He has the flexibility to take portraits and to capture landscapes on paper. The idol She can act too, will her fans ever see her in a drama?


Music is one of the passions of Wendy, the idol plays guitar and other instruments like flute. The singer fell in love with fans with her performance of ‘Under the sea’, Title from the soundtrack of the film The Little Mermaid.


The minor member of red velvet is very charismatic and her looks are angelic idol showed that one of his hidden talents is flexibility In various shows in front of the camera, his incredible movements, such as the leg separation, were shown.


The leader from red velvet is very adept at sporting activities ISAC proved his ability in archery, another virtue of Irene There is a knack for pastries and their flexibility.



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