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“Run On”: 4 Fascinating relationships full of chemistry




JTBC’s “Run On” fascinates viewers with the fascinating relationships between the four main characters!

“Run On” tells the story of people who try to connect with each other in their own language after living in different worlds and taking different steps. Im siwan Stars like Ki Sun Kyum, a former track and field athlete who is retiring after a life changing event Shin se kyung plays Oh Mi Joo, an adventurous foreign film translator. Girls Generation Sooyoung plays Seo Dan Ah, an ambitious CEO of the sports agency, and Kang Tae Oh is an art student Lee Young Hwa.

Below are the various relationship dynamics that viewers can observe in “Run On”!


Ki Sun Kyum and Lee Young Hwa

Although Ki Sun Kyum has a strange personality that makes other people nervous, Lee Young Hwa takes it easily with his distinctive, bright personality. Additionally, the two of them realized each other’s true feelings for Oh Mi Joo and Seo Dan Ah early on, and their relationship grew stronger when they started helping each other. When Ki Sun Kyum was dejected at the thought of leaving Oh Mi Joo’s house, Lee Young Hwa stayed by his side all night with drinks and honey. Similarly, Ki Sun Kyum gave Lee Young Hwa a ticket to the film screening Seo Dan Ah wanted to attend when Lee Young Hwa said he missed her and he promised to continue connecting Lee Young Hwa with Seo Dan Ah. Viewers look forward to continuing to watch the two work together to support each other’s diverse love interests.

"Run On": 4 Fascinating relationships full of chemistry

Oh Mi Joo & Seo Dan Ah

Although they started off on the wrong foot the first time they met, Oh Mi Joo and Seo Dan Ah’s chemistry made viewers smile during the argument. Seo Dan Ah enjoys teasing Oh Mi Joo for her weird reactions, especially since Oh Mi Joo is refusing to step down. Oh Mi Joo gets unusually childish even before Seo Dan Ah. The production team announced: “The chemistry of Mi Joo and Dan Ah, in which they quarrel but also unintentionally support each other, will shine in the future. Just as Dan Ah brought Sun Kyum and Mi Joo closer through a jealous plan, Mi Joo will play a role in strengthening the relationship of the DanHwa couple (Seo Dan Ah and Lee Young Hwa). ”

"Run On": 4 Fascinating relationships full of chemistry

"Run On": 4 Fascinating relationships full of chemistry

Ki Sun Kyum and Seo Dan Ah

Since Ki Sun Kyum and Seo Dan Ah grew up in similar environments and have known each other for a long time, they have a deep understanding of the circumstances surrounding each other. However, due to their very different dispositions, they came to different conclusions in each situation, so that despite the moments when they also supported each other, they kept a certain distance. Because of their origins, the fathers of Ki Sun Kyum and Seo Dan Ah planned their marriage without discussing it with their children. The audience is excited to see what conclusion the two characters will come to in this difficult situation.

"Run On": 4 Fascinating relationships full of chemistry

Oh Mi Joo & Lee Young Hwa

Both Oh Mi Joo and Lee Young Hwa have great affection for films. Oh, Mi Joo loves films as much as she has made a career for the great convenience it offers, and Lee Young Hwa naturally opened his eyes to the world of film through painting. Although the scene in which they talked about their love for movies was brief, viewers could clearly see the great chemistry between the two characters. Unlike Ki Sun Kyum, who Oh Mi Joo finds it difficult to understand despite the same language, she finds it easy to get along with Lee Young Hwa no matter what they are talking about. Since they are likely to meet more often than neighbors in the future, the audience is excited to see what support they will provide for each other’s love life.

"Run On": 4 Fascinating relationships full of chemistry"Run On": 4 Fascinating relationships full of chemistry

“Run On” airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9 p.m. KST.

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