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“Run On”: Im Siwan talks about working with Shin Se Kyung




"Run On": Im Siwan talks about working with Shin Se Kyung

Im Siwan recently spoke about his upcoming JTBC drama “Run On”.

“Run On” is a drama about people who try to connect with each other through their own languages ​​after living in their individual worlds. Ki Sun Kyum appears in the Siwan as a former track and field athlete, who retires after a life-changing event and becomes a sports agent.

In contrast to his other recent projects, “Run On” is a classic love drama. In Siwan said, “When I first read the script, I was drawn to the ‘taste’ of the words, which felt so realistic. The dialogue was natural, and the emotions felt like what people are feeling these days. ”

He added that he tried some changes for the new “Run On” role. “I grew out my hair and tried different styles,” he said. “Compared to previous projects, I wore a lot of beautiful clothes in bright colors and eye-catching patterns. I think detail is important. I have lessons in running. I’ve done marathons before so I thought it would be easy to learn, but the muscles used and posture were different so there was some difficulty. I worked with the other actors who also play athletes in drama and I trained to have an athlete’s physique. ”

Commenting on his character, Im Siwan said: “Ki Sun Kyum seems to have been born with a golden spoon: a father who was a member of the National Assembly, a mother who was a popular actress, sisters who were number one on the list World in golf. But he feels a weight on his shoulders because he doesn’t know what he really wants. Oh my God [Shin Se Kyung’s character] comes into his life without warning and teaches him something he didn’t know about himself. If Mi Joo didn’t care about Sun Kyum’s words and actions, he would never be more than a handsome athlete from a wealthy family. But Mi Joo understands him and pulls out his true self. ”

About his co-star Shin se kyung He said, “She’s an actress whose compliments you never tire of. The reason our characters already go so well together is because of their respect for their co-stars and their ability to calm them down. ”

Premiere of “Run On” on December 16 at 9 pm KST.

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