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“Seobok”: Park Bo Gum is Gong Yoo’s final mission in a new poster for the upcoming sci-fi movie





Gong Yoo and Park Bo Gum The upcoming movie “Seobok” has revealed a new poster!

“Seobok” is a science fiction film about a former secret service agent named Ki Heon (played by Gong Yoo), who for the last mission of his life has the task of ensuring the safe transport of mankind’s first human clone.

Park Bo Gum will appear as a clone, who is the target of many forces who want to steal the clone for themselves. On their exciting journey, the two find themselves in a series of unexpected and dangerous situations when Ki Heon tries to protect Seobok at all costs.

On November 16, the upcoming film released a new poster that gives an insight into the dynamics between its two lead roles. Seobok, who has lived in a research laboratory all his life, gazes wistfully at the image of a vast blue sea and even raises his hand to touch the screen in front of him. Meanwhile, Ki Heon wears an indecipherable expression as he observes Seobok closely from his side.

The poster’s caption emphasizes the weight of Ki Heon’s responsibility and indicates the limited time he has left. It reads: “For the last time in my life a being has appeared that I have to protect.”

"Seobok": Park Bo Gum is Gong Yoo's final mission in a new poster for the upcoming sci-fi movie

“Seobok” premiered in Korea in December. Check out a trailer for the film Here!

While you wait, watch Gong Yoo in “Train to BusanBelow:

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