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“She Would Never Know”: Rowoon Gives Won Jin Ah a Reality Check




"She Would Never Know": Rowoon Gives Won Jin Ah a Reality Check

JTBC’s upcoming drama “She Would Never Know” has released another teaser ahead of its premiere!

An adaptation of the popular web novel “She Would Never Know” tells the complicated office love story of two employees who meet in a marketing team for a cosmetics brand. Jin won ah will perform as the perfectionist Yoon Song Ah while SF9‘s Rowoon will appear as her dashing younger colleague Chae Hyun Seung. Although Yoon Song Ah Chae cannot see Hyun Seung as anything other than a younger colleague at first, Chae Hyun Seung only has eyes for her.

“She Would Never Know” teaser begins with Chae Hyun Seung, who watches as Yoon Song Ah makes himself comfortable with her team leader Lee Jae Shin (Lee Hyun Wook). He sees how happy she is and decides to have no more feelings for her. However, Lee Jae Shin takes wedding photos with Lee Hyo Joo (Lee Joo Bin) who explains: “It is important that you marry me. I won’t let anyone take you away from me. ”

Chae Hyun Seung gives Yoon Song Ah a stern wake-up call and is frustrated when she still has feelings for Lee Jae Shin. He demands: “Don’t tell me that you can’t believe it even if you see it right in front of your eyes. Are you always an idiot “Yoon Song Ah blurs her need for revenge and suffers from heartache and self-accusation.

When Lee Jae Shin approaches Yoon Song Ah, Chae Hyun Seung comes between them and refuses to let him hurt her again. Lee Jae Shin starts to get angry with Chae Hyun Seung and asks why he is so inconsiderate. Chae Hyun Seung boldly claims that he only wants to protect Yoon Song Ah and signals an intense love triangle between the three characters.

“She Would Never Know” premieres January 18, 2021 at 9 p.m. KST.

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