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SHINee receives a mysterious call




SHINee receives mysterious call in "Don't Call Me" teasers

SHINee is ready for its comeback with “Don’t Call Me” and revealed the first teasers of its new album, the boys will dive into a mystery adventure.

The SM agency’s K-pop group is known for having the best vocalists in the industry, plus, they always work under aesthetic and colorful concepts. The idols were absent for 4 years due to their military service, but the wait is over and Shawol is counting down the days for their comeback.

Through their official social networks, SHINee released the teaser of “Don’t Call Me“, comeback scheduled to take place next February 22, according to the first reports, it will feature a version called “Jewel Case” and there will be 4 different covers, one for each member. The group’s new concept is inspired by the magic of vintage cinema.

This will be the first time for the 4 to reunite on stage after a couple of years, Taemin has been promoting solo, but he was finally able to reunite with Onew, Key and Minho. It is not known how many songs will be on the album, but the guys adopted retro fashion and UFO culture for this comeback.


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The first previews show SHINee’s vintage style, the four wore colorful outfits while posing seated around a table in the front yard of their house, but a strange light lands on them.

The video clip lasts for 1 minute and portrays the guys’ life, Taemin reads a newspaper while his bench is on fire but doesn’t move, Minho picks up a mysterious package from the trunk of his car, Key tries to catch his pet inside a fish tank, while Onew enjoys the view.

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The 4 receive a mysterious call alerting them to an unknown area, where beliefs are a fantasy and fantasies become a belief, while UFO flyers and wanted signs with a picture of a fish and a closed road are displayed. Aliens? It could be an unknown dimension.

Shawol shared their theories and believe it could be connected to their other videos, they praised the originality of SHINee, who created an aesthetic, colorful and vintage set for their comeback, in another teaser, they are shown aboard a car, about to embark on a journey and solve the mystery of that call.

The first teaser the guys gave was during their fanmeeting “Ringtone”, where they premiered the song “Marry You”.

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