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SHINee Taemin gives an interview about “Be your enemy”




SHINee Taemin gives an interview about "Be your enemy"

SHINees Taemin gave an interview about Be your enemy.

SHINees Taemin appeared in a video by SM station talk about Be your enemy. In the recording the idol commented:

  • That the song is a form of consolation for the fans and an expression of their inner struggle
  • Explain that he wanted the song to convey a sense of warmth

Check out the following fan comments:

Our Taemin reads the script even when he has problems, but when he says what he sincerely wants to say, he speaks well without hesitation and even makes his heart beat faster. I love you more because you are my honest singer.

It is really a great comfort when Taemin sings with nice lyrics and a nice voice. Thank you and i love you. Taemin-ah. Let us be happy together for a long time if we give each other comfort and strength.

It was difficult these days, but it was really good because someone comforted me when I heard it. Thank you Taemin❤ Don’t always forget that many people gain strength thanks to your music. I love you Taemin Lee❤

The lyrics are warm, Taemin, who explains that the song is warm and the winter is not cold ㅜㅜ Fans also want to have a live video live ㅅㅊㅅㅊ

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Screenshot and video: [YouTube] @SMTATION

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