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SHINees Taemin meets Inkigayo with “IDEA”




SHINees Taemin meets Inkigayo with "IDEA"

SHINees Taemin has win in Inkigayo With IDEA.

Taemin shows his amazing skills in the dance practice of “IDEA”

Taemin got his first win in Inkigayo With IDEA. With 5911 points he exceeded WIZARD by GFRIEND already I can’t stop of TWICE.

Watch the video of the victory:

Check out the fan comments:

We made it! We finally managed to give #Idea its first win

which in turn is the first win of #TAEMIN

on Inkigayo as a soloist.

Congratulations Taemin and SHAWOL!

Our Taemin won his first trophy on Inkigayo. He deserves it more than anyone else

Congratulations to Taemin You deserve the whole world

Never trust people who have gotten over Taehyun’s interaction and Taemin

I’m crying because IDEA He deserves all the awards in the world, I’m happy and proud because Taemin He worked hard so that his art would be appreciated and loved

Congratulations to Taemin by SHINee for this win in Inkigayo! Leave your comment on our Facebook page or on our Twitter account. Also share the news on your social networks with all your friends!

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