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Singer Lee Chan Has Been Diagnosed With COVID-19




Singer Lee Chan Has Been Diagnosed With COVID-19

Singer Lee Chan Has Been Diagnosed With COVID-19

Updated December 5th KST:

Other celebrities have shared negative test results after being tested for possible exposure to COVID-19.

Lee Hwi Jae Cube Entertainment agency stated: “Lee Hwi Jae and all the staff who participated in the shooting received negative test results. However, Lee Hwi Jae has been classified as someone who has been in close contact with a confirmed case. Therefore, he will postpone all planned activities and continue self-quarantine according to disease control guidelines. ”

Lee Ha Jung also tested negative. She shared on Instagram: “The cast of ‘Taste of Wife’ and the cast of ‘PPONG School’ have all received negative test results.”

Singer Lee Ji Hoon shared on Instagram that he tested negative for COVID-19. He expressed his hopes for a speedy recovery from Lee Chan Won.

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Celebrities like Seo Jang Hoon, Yoon Jong Shin, the band Jaurim and Lee Juck work with the same stylist as Lee Chan Won. Negative test results have now been shared by stylists Seo Jang Hoon and Yoon Jong Shin. Jaurim didn’t see the stylist for a week. Lee Juck has also had no contact with the stylist and is in self-quarantine.

Singer Jung Dong Won tested negative for COVID-19. New Era Project confirmed this Jang min ho, Young Tak, Im Young Woong, Kim Hee Jae, and Jung Dong Won are all in good health and following disease control agency guidelines. They added that Lee Chan Won is following instructions from the authorities and that there is nothing important he can say about his health.

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Original article:

Trotting singer Lee Chan Won has tested positive for COVID-19.

On December 3, his agency issued the following statement:

This is New Era Project.

Lee Chan Won was diagnosed with COVID-19 in the early morning of December 3.
He therefore immediately started self-quarantine and followed the steps set by the disease control authorities.
Everyone with a connection to Lee Chan Won is currently being tested. Some have already completed the tests and are in self-quarantine.
He has stopped all activities and will take full social responsibility according to the guidelines of the disease control authorities until the situation is safe.

As his management, we apologize for our mistakes when it comes to taking care of our artist.

A top 6 on the hit show “Mister Trot”, Lee Chan Won has appeared on television programs including TV Chosun’s “PPONG School”. The network announced that Lee Chan had filmed Won for the show on December 1, and all cast members and staff who participated in the filming that day were told that he tested positive. They said that regardless of whether they were in direct contact with him or not, all of them were tested and had entered self-quarantine. The network also took steps including temporarily closing the office building.

It has now been announced that singers Im Young Woong, Young Tak, Jang Min Ho and Kim Hee Jae all tested negative for COVID-19. Their agency New Era Project confirmed that they are still in self-quarantine. The test results for Jung Dong Won, the top 6 member of “Mister Trot”, have not yet been announced.

TV personality Boom did not host his SBS radio show on December 3rd as he starred with Lee Chan Won on “PPONG School” and “Love Call Center”. Boom’s test result was also negative and he will be in self-quarantine for two weeks. JooE from MOMOLAND is initially taking over the management of his radio show as a DJ.

The shooting for “PPONG School” on December 1st was a collaboration with the TV Chosun show “Taste of Wife” and celebrities like Park myung soo, Hong Hyun Hee, Jason, Lee Hwi Jae and Jang Young ran took part in the shooting.

Negative test results were obtained from Park Myung Soo, Hong Hyun Hee, Jason, and Jang Young Ran. Lee Hwi Jae is waiting for his results. Park Myung Soo was also unable to attend the live broadcast of its KBS Cool FM radio show, and filming for its Channel A variety program “Dog Bone” (literal title) has been canceled.

Seo Jang Hoon did not take part in the filming of “Ask us anything” On December 3, he shares a stylist with Lee Chan Won. As a precaution, he was tested and is in self-quarantine. Singer Lee Juck also works with the same stylist team and is waiting for their results in self-quarantine.

TV Chosun’s production manager, Seo Hye Jin, received a negative test result, and many producers and staff on the programs are awaiting results. A network source told Star News, “Currently, all cast members and producers except Lee Chan Won have received negative test results.”

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