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“Single in Seoul”: Lee Dong Wook, Im Soo Jung and Esom making a film about life as a single





The upcoming movie “Single in Seoul” (literal title) held its first script reading with its star-studded cast!

For the first time the trio Lee Dong Wook, I am soo young, and Esom will come together on the screen. As the title suggests, the film will follow three individual people who are “single” in their own way, focusing on how things change when they cross each other. It will be a romantic comedy that combines many realistic and relatable factors.

Lee Dong Wook had a fair share in his work of alternating between fantasy and reality. “leprechaun“And”History of the nine tails. In “Strangers From Hell” I played his role as a murderer perfectly. In “Single in Seoul” he will play Park Young Ho, an influencer who embraces his single lifestyle so well that he gets an offer to write a book about it to write.

In Soo Jung, the role will be played by Joo Hyun Jin, an intuitive editor who knows her job but needs guidance when dating. This is not the first time Im Soo Jung and Lee Dong Wook have appeared on screen together, as Lee Dong Wook made a special appearance in their previous work. “Search: WWW. ”

Eventually, Esom will profile herself as a mysterious bestselling author who does not apologize for pursuing her own idea of ​​happiness.

"Single in Seoul": Lee Dong Wook, Im Soo Jung and Esom making a film about life as a single

The casting for the characters in the publishing house is also remarkable. Jang Hyun sang will be the company president making the offer to Park Young Ho, and Kim Ji Young will be its partner and Joo Hyun Jins senior. Read my work will meanwhile appear as an employee of Joo Hyun Jin Lee Sang Yi takes on the role of an unsuspecting intern.

DCG PLUS is a production company that has an admirable roster of romantic and comedy films in its portfolio. They will co-direct “Single in Seoul” with director Park Bum Soo, who was acclaimed for his debut play “Red Carpet,” a heartwarming romantic comedy.

“Single in Seoul” tells the story of Park Young Ho, an influencer who loves to be single and meets Joo Hyun Jin, who doesn’t want to be single and who happens to be its editor. Filming is scheduled to take three months from November 14th.

In the meantime, you can see Lee Dong Wook in “Tale of the Nine-Tailed” here:

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