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SM C&C partners with SM entertainment celebrities for new branded business




SM C&C partners with SM entertainment celebrities for new branded business

SM C&C, a subsidiary of SM Entertainment, which stands for SM Culture & Content, starts its own branded trading business.

On December 2nd, SM C&C announced the launch of “CELEBRAND,” a brand that will manufacture and sell products by celebrities from SM Entertainment. The S&M celebrities will create and design a product to suit their own interests and hobbies, which will be sold through Naver’s online store.

The first collaboration for CELEBRAND will be boa and their branded product “Little Bird”. Little Bird is a scarf that BoA made because it is interested in helping and generally looking after children in need. In honor of BoA’s 20th anniversary, proceeds from Little Bird will be donated to help children in need through Navers Happy Bean.

Other collaborations include Super junior‘s Kim heechul The organic bamboo toothbrush set, the lip tint of actress Kim Su Hyun for teenagers and the girls’ generation Yuri Home exercise equipment.

In order to ensure a high production quality, the marketing experts from SM C & C and other relevant experts will also work on CELEBRAND. These experts worked with the celebrities to make sure their ideas were brought to life and aligned with current market trends.

After this first round, CELEBRAND plans to expand rapidly and bring out three new products in each round. SM-affiliated celebrities who can work on the brand include SM Entertainment, KeyEast, Mystic Story, and ESteem.

Via Naver, potential consumers can view the production process behind the products using video content. On December 7th, the brand will open its own website and share the stories of how the celebrities came up with their ideas and planned the design and production of their product. This is in line with the current trend of “content commerce”, in which commerce is viewed as a separate form of content.

The products are sold through Naver’s “Smart Store” where consumers who subscribe to the channel can enjoy various benefits.

Nam Goong Chul, CEO of SM C&C stated, “SM C&C a brand from SM Entertainment has no plans to stand still in advertising and business. Instead, we strive for new things in the area of ​​”Content Combination Business”. Brand trading is one of our new challenges. It will combine the influence of SM Entertainment with the marketing strategies of SM C&C to move us forward in new directions. ”

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