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Stray Kids’ Han is bullied during a video call




Stray Kids' Han is bullied during a video call

Han from Stray Kids met his fans through a video calling giveaway. The member of the K-pop band did not know how to react if one of his followers appeared in suggestive clothing.

The boys from Stray Kids met with their fans through various Video calls this dynamic was organized in Weibo and it was specially made to advertise the plate material ‘IN LIFE‘.

Jisung from SKZ was very careful about the interaction with STAY, the rapper of J.YP Entertainment He wanted his fans to feel safe and was very excited about the lucky ones who won a video call with him.

Rappers off Stray Kids premiere ‘I got it‘ So he talked about his projects and other surprises his group has prepared for the public following his brand new career on stage. The situation returned uncomfortable when a fan who won one Video call With Jisung behave inappropriately.

Jisung’s uncomfortable fan from SKZ during a video call

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The girl referred to Jisung as a “baby” and told him that he had a charming voice and immediately appeared in suggestive clothes, prompting him to do so To have didn’t know how to react.

The idol from Stray Kids seemed nervous, didn’t know what to do or how to react., fans of immediately To have they took theirs social networks and pressed hers disagreement with those who it happened noticed that he was looking uncomfortable and that he didn’t deserve to go through these painful situations.

STAY asked for more respect for everyone Idols from Stray Kids to your privacy and integrity because beyond being Public figures or ArtistsThey are people. The fans will send post Office electronically to JYP Entertainment So that the Companies Take the necessary steps to protect to their represents.

Recently, SKZ premiere the song I got it‘, Track belonging to the musical project Stray Kids: SKZ-RECORD, that tries to enhance the artistic skills of each member of the Boy band from K-pop.

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