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Stray Kids reveals ALL IN dance practice in its Korean version




Stray Kids reveals ALL IN's dance practice in its Korean version

Stray Kids released a new video for “ALL IN”. The K-pop group revealed the song’s dance practice in Korean, showing off their facets as baseball players.

The Idols JYP Agency finished the promotions of “IN THE”, their repackage album, which they promoted with the song “Back door”They also presented some of their hits in their last online concert. Recently the group shared new content for Stay Y. revealed the Korean version his single “ALL IN”.

Via their official social networks, Stray children shared a new version of the video “ALL IN”, Song they made theirs with Japanese comeback recently. The music clip registers more than 200,000 reproductions on YouTube within a few hours of being released Dance exercise Show the more energetic side of the boys for 3 minutes.

The K-pop group decided to show the version of the song, they also showed their sporty side combined with Korean music because they got dressed Baseball uniforms. The choreographic video shows the idols’ talent in rap and dance, areas that characterize the urban concept it deals with Stray children.


Studio videos are fan favorites because, unlike official MVs, they can better assess the details of the choreography and the idols’ movements showing the creative process behind their songs, Stray children It seems to have been very inspired by Japanese culture.

With suits from Baseball, As one of the most popular sports in Japan, the group shows off their best dance moves in the new “ALL IN” video. The choreography includes various formations throughout the hip-hop song, which contains a lot of rap and rhymes, the specialty of Stray children is considered one of the best fourth generation rappers in the business.

The video also includes a speech effect that is commonly used in Japanese subway stations. They make some gestures in front of the camera as they dance through what looked like an abandoned warehouse Dance exercise was that Korean version of the song published in another language.

The K-pop group stay surprised with one Online concertif you missed your show relive it The best moments Stray kids lived.

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