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Suga’s brother reveals how the idol’s recovery is going




Suga's brother reveals how the idol's recovery is going

Geumjae, the older brother of BTS’s Suga, revealed the K-pop idol’s health. The Big Hit Entertainment rapper’s relative posted a message about Agust D’s recovery after shoulder surgery.

The come back from Beyond the scene is just around the corner Singer Y. rapper worked hard to make new ones music. ‘HIS‘promises to be a great plate material. What do you think?

A few days earlier, Big Hit Entertainment gave a statement on the health of Suga, the interpreter of ‘Daechwita ‘was exposed to an emergency surgery from shoulder because of a sprain.

The surgery It was a success, now that idol originally from the city Daegu it is found recover and repaid as he needs to rest for a while to see the results of the intervention are cheap.

ARMY is very aware of that location from health from Sugathe composer will not take part return from BtsSince his recovery period is several months, the rest of the year will not be in activities with him colleagues.

Suga’s brother says the BTS idol is making a positive recovery

A person who shares details of the advance Cheap from Min Yoongi, is his older brother, A few hours ago, Geumjae posted a Embassy about the state of health from the rapper of ‘dynamite‘.

By Instagram, Min Geumjae shared a picture of a famous cartoon South Korea, in the description of the post wrote the condition of his Brothers fewer:

As I thought he is recover Well

The Min Yoongi’s older brother declared that he is a strong person with a great one personality and sometimes he thinks he has more courage to face things than he does, Geumjae said it was good that he was idol from Big hit strive to improve.


Fans of the star music give the image of love Min Geumjae, so far it has already exceeded 35,000 likes, unfortunately internet users cannot comment, but everyone’s love will reach Suga from Bts.

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