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Suga’s talent was rejected and that moment marked ARMY




Suga's talent was rejected and that moment marked ARMY

Bangtan Sonyeondan’s fame grew exponentially, but the road wasn’t always smooth and Suga was even treated badly on television.

There are many moments that shaped the career of the talented group of Big Hit EntertainmentFrom the awards they have won, the places they have visited and the performances with which they have surprised their fans. Suga and all of the members are an example to fans in making their dreams come true and have shown that their strength has got them where they are today.

Although we currently see Bts They were successful worldwide, had to work hard to get this recognition, and even had some bad experiences along the way.

Suga gives Weekly Idol a present and ARMY is disappointed with the response

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In 2014 the group visited the study of Weeks idol, a very popular show hosted by Doni and Coni, famous MCs from Korea at the time.

Suga prepared a rap especially for her and the show, he performed it during filming as a thank you for the invitation, however the composition of the idol it was not well received by the drivers and they said they would rather not accept it. QUE?

The show has a humorous touch, but fans agree that the gesture was not pleasant or friendly and could affect the mood of Yoongi for the rest of the time they shared.

Suga is currently preparing for his return with BTS, which we hope will happen very soon!

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