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Super Junior celebrates its 15th anniversary with the love of ELF




Super Junior celebrates its 15th anniversary with the love of ELF

15 years is easy to read, but Super Junior’s story was full of moments that will go down in music history.

The SM entertainment group is one of the most legendary and important boy groups in K-Pop. Celebrate its 15th anniversary!

Be a idol of Korean pop It is not an easy task; it takes years entertainment, Skills to develop, to strive, to fight against many obstacles to finally debut with you colleagues.

The history of Super junior it is very broad, it has so many nuances, successes Y. records that it is impossible to sum it up. 15 years have passed since then original lineup of group debuted with the album ‘Super Junior 5′ in the year 2015.

Super junior is still valid within the universe of K-pop, an industry that is constantly changing and the competition is very tough, Interpreter from ‘Mr. Easy“You were very intelligent, reinvented yourself several times and survived military service, a crucial phase for everyone Korean pop band.

ONE celebration so it couldn’t go unnoticed Eleven has organized a range of activities to promote the heritage of the Boy band lead by Leeteuk. Look how he celebrates and be a fanatic in your first 15 years of experience.

Super Junior is celebrating its anniversary with special videos

By the official social networks of group one emotionally Clip where spectator you can make one travel musical the interpreter of ‘Great clap‘, from debut to this day.

By Youtube, the member Minor of the group published a new video,
Ryeowook shared a clip for Eleven with his version of ‘Only you‘, an original song by singer HuhGak.

Internet users use the hashtag # 15thAnniv_WalkTogether to express their love, admiration, and affection for Super junior, ELF publishes the lessons they have learned from theirs favorite Idols.

Lots of fans made special content to celebrate that 15 years of the band. Some shared videos, pictures, drawings, and even letters make this party more emotional.

In these 15 years the idols published its incredibly Songs for all situations in life if that’s what you want to hear musical suggestion from Super junior Visit: The best subjects from SJ.

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