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Suzy sings “My Dear Love” in the “Start-Up” OST




Suzy sings "My Dear Love" in the "Start-Up" OST

Suzy sang the song of My dear love for the EAST from Start-Up.

Suzy showed the music video of My dear love, one of the songs for the EAST of drama Start up. This beautiful ballad will make you fall in love.

Check out the fan comments:

She is very talented. She can act very well and of course played the character of Dalmi. I love her. My idol for 7 years. Dance well, sing well with your honey voice I really adore her. He made his debut at a young age. And after 10 years you can keep your popularity, Virus always kind, humble and happy with everyone. Her personality is so bright and happy that she is truly amazing. Really a legend

Suzy She really is one of the best artists and actresses out there. The fact that she also sang My Dear Love, which has a lot of meaning and emotion, made me admire her more every day. Thank you so much for this wonderful masterpiece, Bae Suzy! We love you so much 🥺

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Screenshot and video: [YouTube] @VLENDING

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