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Taemin shows his amazing skills in the dance practice of “IDEA”




Taemin shows his amazing skills in the dance practice of "IDEA"

SHINees Taemin has shown his mastery in dance in the dance practice of IDEA.

Translation of “이데아 (Idea: 理想)” by Taemin + Korean texts and romanization

Taemin delighted the fans with his sensational dance skills in the video of the choreography IDEA. Its elegance and fluidity of movement make dance steps seem easy.

Check out the following fan comments:

Taemin makes the dance and choreography look so “easy”, not because it’s really easy, but because it’s so simple, so smooth, so clean that the body control was incredible. Even the atmosphere is mesmerizing, with a touch of cuteness at the end!? Divinity !!! It’s the pride of SHINee and Shawol💎💎💎💎💎

The other day I thought to myself that if sm didn’t hurry up with this dance practice, he would fly and put my paws on it.

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Screenshot and video: [YouTube] @ SHINee

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