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Taemin’s “identity” has been translated into English + Korean texts




Taemin's "identity" has been translated into English + Korean texts

identity by Taemin


Artists: Taemin (태민)
Album: Never Dance Again: Act 2
Release date: 9-11-2020
Text: 조윤경
Composition: Steven Lee
Corrections: Steven Lee

Text by identity

The lights spread far away
Between the slow moments, as if they had stopped
Always speechless
Your eyes that once shone
The scenes that bothered me
You are gloomy
In me the feelings
they overflow, I haven’t forgotten you

Woo yeah woo

From the base to the ace
From the base to the ace
(From the base)
Beyond the bright eyes
Feel the same way
(From the base)
It is absorbed in me again
Burn me even more, oh

The feelings that still remain
Little by little they look me in the eye
Oh, finally I’m breathing relaxed

Everything has stopped
As if I slept
When the dawn is over
The moment your eyes open again
Will enlighten me
Woo yeah woo

Taemin’s translation “사랑 인 것 같아 (I think it’s love)” + Korean texts and romanization

Korean texts (hangeul) by identity

저 멀리 펼쳐진 불빛 들 들
멈춘 듯 느리 던 순간 순간 그
늘 말 없이 날
비추 던 너의 눈
불현듯 떠오른 장면 들 과
먹먹 히 차 오르다
넘치는 감정 속 을
파고 들어 I’m not over you

Woo yeah woo

Base to ace
Base to ace
눈 부신 빛 너머 에
(pass with flying colors)
변함 없이 여전해
다시 새겨 내 안에
(pass with flying colors)

더 뜨겁게 나를 태워 내 Oh

여전히 남겨진 감정 들 과
천천히 시선 을 마주쳐 난
Oh 이제서야 편안히 쉬는 숨

잠든 듯 멈 췄던
모든 게 다
새벽 을 지나 다시
눈 뜨는 순간 속에
나를 비춰 오는 너의 눈
Woo yeah woo

Translation of “Pansy” by Taemin + Korean texts and romanization

Romanization of identity

jeo meolli pyeolchyeojin bulbichdeulgwa
meomchun deut neurideon sungan geu sai
neul times eopsi nal
Bichudeon Neoui nun
bulhyeondeut tteooreun jangmyeondeulgwa
Meokmeokhi Chaoreuda
neomchineun gamjeong soeul
pagodeureo I’m not about you

Woo yeah woo

Base to ace
Base to ace
Nun Busin Bit Neomeoe
(pass with flying colors)
byeonhameopsi yeojeonhae
dasi saegyeo nae ane
(pass with flying colors)

deo tteugeopge nareul taewo nae Oh

yeojeonhi namgyeojin gamjeongdeulgwa
cheoncheonhi siseoneul majuchyeo nan
Oh ijeseoya pyeonanhi swineun sum

jamdeun deut meomchwossdeon
mode there
saebyeogeul jina dasi
Nun tteuneun sungan soe
nareul bichwo oneun neoui now
Woo yeah woo

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English translation: iSaranghaeSubs

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