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“Taxi Driver”: in 2021 Lee Je Hoon is a taxi driver who stands up for justice




"Taxi Driver": Lee Je Hoon is a taxi driver who stands up for justice

SBS’s upcoming drama “Taxi Driver” has released its first teaser!

“Taxi Driver” is about a mysterious taxi service that takes revenge for victims who are unable to get justice out of the law. Lee Je Hoon Stars like Kim Do Gi, a former special officer who works as a driver for the mysterious taxi service. Esom Co-stars like Kang Ha Na, a prosecutor who becomes suspicious when the criminals they pursue are wiped out one by one.

Kim Eui Sung and APRIL’s Naeun appear in the drama starred Jang Sung Cheol, the CEO of the mysterious taxi service, and Go Eun, a hacker who was able to find and divulge personal information.

The “Taxi Driver” teaser will have its premiere sometime in April 2021 and begins with Lee Je Hoon, who is behind the wheel of a taxi and answers a call. In the voice-over he says: “Do you want to tell me? About the injustice that wishes you were dead? “The teaser suggests a hidden despair in Lee Je Hoon’s life as he approaches a bridge. In the past, several desperate people have approached the bridge only to find a label with taxi service contact information.

Kim Eui Sung said in a voice over: “Do you still believe in the justice of the police and prosecutors? I have been preparing this work for a long time. Won’t you take revenge with me? “When Naeun, Kim Eui Sung and Lee Je Hoon take revenge on their customers’ behalf, Esom becomes suspicious of the number of criminals disappearing as if they were being chased by a vigilante group.

Watch Esom in “The third charm” Below!

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