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TEST: Felix or Hyunjin? Which Stray Kids idol would fall in love with you?




TEST: Felix or Hyunjin?  Which SKZ idol would fall in love with you?

Felix and Hyunjin from Stray Kids have captured thousands of hearts around the world, but one of them could be the ideal boy to be by your side in a romantic relationship.

Thanks to the diverse content that the world of K-pop offers us to get to know it better Idols this is what we admire, which is why fans can discover each singer’s personality traits that make them unique. in the Stray Kids There are many talented guys out there, but can you imagine who among them would notice you?

In love there are no rules and anything can happen unexpectedly, so fate can cause some twists and turns for you and your prejudices SKZ be a perfect match.

To find out if Hyunjin or Felix would be for fell in love All you need to do is take the following test and add up the score of each of your answers.

The ideal Stray Kids Idol for your heart

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1. What style do you prefer when choosing your clothes?

  • Comfortable but fashionable (20)
  • Glamorous and accessories should not be missing (10)
  • I like diversity, it all depends on the occasion (30)

2. What kind of perfumes do you prefer?

  • Flower Fruit (20)
  • Sweet fragrances (10)
  • I’m not a fan of perfumes (30)

3. Choose your perfect plan for the weekend

  • Going to the movies and shopping (30)
  • Eat in a new restaurant and go for a walk (10)
  • Watch Movies at Home and Relax (20)

4. Which article would you like to have with your partner?

  • Matching necklaces (20)
  • Matching shoes (10)
  • Matching T-shirts (30)

5. What is most important to you in a love relationship?

  • Trust (10)
  • Affection (30)
  • Good communication (20)

6. Select the type of event you want to attend

  • An art exhibition (20)
  • A cultural fair (10)
  • A classical music concert (30)

7. What item do you always have with you?

  • An instant camera (10)
  • A notebook and a pen (20)
  • A snack (30)

Fasten your seat belts…

70 to 110 points

Felix is the member of Stray Kids that he would notice you and although at first he wouldn’t know how to express his affection without feeling shy, he would take away the confidence to share his feelings with you.

120 to 130 points

Impressive you have everything to grab the attention of Hyunjin and Felix. Both Idols You may fall in love with your personality, but who would your heart choose? Everything will depend on you.

140 to 180 points

The SKZ member that would notice that it would be you is Hyunjin, the idol I would do my best to win you over and plan fun dates where you can feel comfortable and secure.

190 to 210 points

Both Idols Felix or Hyunjin would get along with you, but no one would be romantically interested, don’t be discouraged because another member of Stray Kids could be the right one for you.

We recently told you that too SKZ will be part of kingdom, a new competition between different groups of K-pop.

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