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EXO group: How fanatical are you of the idols?




TEST: How fanatical are you of the EXO group?

In this test from EXO group, you will find out if you are a fan, an EXO-L, or a person who might join the boy group’s fandom. How much do you know about the idols of the SM Entertainment Company?

The boys from EXO had one long career at the world of Korean entertainment, the tape prepared by Xiumin, Suho, Lay, Baekhyun, Chen, Chanyeol, DO, Kai, and Sehun they have revolutionized K-pop with his music.

The Interpreter from ‘machine‘are loved all over the world, like hers Personalities Y. Stimuli beyond the screen and can win the hearts of the entire audience with their skills in To sing, rap, to dance Y. presence scenic.

ONE fan is characterized by the fact that you support your favorite artists, no matter what and what followers they have EXO They are characterized by all the love they show in following the Projects of Singer Y. rapper of Korean pop.

you are EXO-L?, sure you followed that Idols from EXO For a good time, we bring you some fun this time exam that will tell level from fan You are, have fun with it exam.

The results of this test are: (2) (4) (6) (8)

TEST: How fanatical are you of the EXO group?

Who was the first member from EXO to be revealed?

  • Suho (4)
  • Xiumin (8th)
  • Baekhyun (6)
  • Kai (2)

Which members of EXO They sing ‘Moonlight‘?

  • Baekhyun Y. Lay (4)
  • Sehun Y. DO (8th)
  • Chen Y. Xiumin (6)
  • Baekhyun Y. Kyungsoo (2)

who are they former members from EXO?

  • Luhan, Kris and Tao (2)
  • Suho, Lay, Kai and Taor (6)
  • Luhan, Kyungsoo and Xiumin (8th)
  • Chanyeol, Kris, Tao, DO and Kai (4)

What Subunits to have EXO?

  • EXO-CBX Y. EXO-SC (2)
  • EXO-L Y. EXO-K (4)
  • EXO-CS Y. EXO-CBL (8th)
  • EXO-M Y. EXO-K (6)

The solo members of EXO are…

Year in that EXO debuted …

  • 2011 (2)
  • 2013 (4)
  • 2012 (8)
  • 2010 (6)

What is the name of Web drama from EXO?

  • EXO next door“(2)
  • call me baby“(8th)
  • history“(4)
  • ‘EXO boy next door“(6)


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From 14 to 25 points

Golden button like EXO-L

You are a lover of EXO, Your extensive knowledge in Boy band of K-pop reveal that you are the race of Idols from SM entertainment, you’re a fan who always shows his affection and admiration for rapper Y. Singer.

From 26 to 37 points

You are faithful EXO-L:

You like it very much EXO, You are fan of his style of music, of the great concepts of the tape from SM entertainment and in your playlist you can’t miss a song from Boys group, but you still need to discover a little more information about that Idols.

From 38 to 46 points

You like EXO:

You are a follower of EXO, but you have to learn a lot about it Singer Y. rapper represented by the Companies from SM entertainment. Show your great love for him again and again group and don’t give up until you know all you need to know about her.

From 47 to 56 points

Could you know more about it? EXO:

You could say that the EXo group is getting your attention but you are not fan and your knowledge of that tape lead by Suho There are very few, but with the necessary time, they can be an incredible EXO-L.

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