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TEST: How would your life be if you lived in South Korea?




TEST: How would your life be if you lived in South Korea?

Tell us what you like and what your personality is like. We’ll help you decipher the way you live in South Korea.

Thanks to K-dramas and K-pop More and more people are interested in Korean culture and thus in tourism South Korea It has become very popular with foreigners. Do you want to visit this country or move for a while? Let your imagination run wild and we will help you imagine what your life in this country would be like.

Without a doubt, language would be one of the most difficult obstacles to overcome, as well as some inevitable cultural conflicts, but all of these could help you gradually adapt to it, away from home and in a different environment than the one you grew up in, too Life.

This test allows you to see some of the characteristics that your daily life could have within South Korea but it will all depend on your way of being, your habits and your personality today.

Answer the following questions according to your current situation, write down your answers and check which letter you have chosen several times so that you can find your result.

How would your life be if you lived in South Korea?

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1. Do you like pets?

  • A) Maybe I would have a fish or a turtle
  • B) I love her, but I don’t know if I could take care of one
  • C) It is not essential to me
  • D) Yes, I am a big fan of cats and dogs

2. It’s Friday afternoon, what are you going to do?

  • A) going out with my friends
  • B) exercise
  • C) Being at home and watching series
  • D) Go for a walk

3. What would you eat on a Saturday?

  • A) I would visit a trendy place by myself
  • B) I would go to a restaurant with my friends
  • C) I’m preparing something with what I have in the fridge
  • D) I’m going to buy something outside and eat at home again

4. What makes you happiest?

  • A) Buy clothes and accessories
  • B) Read a good book or listen to music
  • C) My favorite group
  • D) comfort and tranquility

5. How would you describe yourself?

  • A) Lovingly and with good taste
  • B) fun and a little bit dramatic
  • C) Independent and passionate
  • D) Organized and responsible

6. What is your favorite season of the year?

  • A) autumn or winter
  • B) I don’t have a favorite
  • C) spring
  • D) summer

7. What would you see on TV on a day that you couldn’t go out?

  • A) Variety shows
  • B) A series of romance
  • C) A music film
  • D) Cooking shows

Most of A

You would likely live in a building with a large number of apartments where you could meet other people. in the South Korea Blind dates are very popular and it is a way that people in a close circle help others find their ideal partner and you would have these types of encounters that allow you to visualize your future with someone else. You would also be an expert in K-Beauty.

Most of B

You would probably like to visit many restaurants in South Korea to get a better understanding of the local gastronomy, but later on you would discover the charms of street food and traditional markets. The only bad thing is that you might struggle to adjust to the type of spices consumed there, but on top of eating, you would enjoy night walking and be a devoted follower of the dramas on the air.

Most of C

Your life in South Korea It would present you with great challenges, it would be difficult for you to get used to the recycling style, and you could face fines for doing so. Because of the way you perceive love, you might not do as well in romance as you would meet people who plan any relationship for the long term. The best part of your life would be any concerts that you could attend that would fill your life with joy.

Most of D

In your case, you would likely choose to live in a traditional style home Seoul or experiment in other areas of South Korean territory. You’d find it hard to adjust to the intensity of the weather, but with the right outfit you could withstand both the cold and the heat. You could also adopt an adorable pet to be your loyal companion.

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