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TEST: What first impression would you make on Jungkook?




TEST: What first impression would you make on Jungkook?

Find out what your first impression of Jungkook would be from BTS. How about meeting him in person?

The boys from Bts have thanks K-Pop, The group has become one of the current favorites in music, so their status has grown significantly, leading many people to love each of the members, a feeling that is reciprocated by all.

Meeting the boys is everyone’s dream ARMYIt sounds impossible, but it isn’t, although sometimes emotions can win us over when we have our favorite star in front of our eyes. Jungkook He was characterized as an artistic boy with a funny aura that was fascinating ARMY. His passion on stage has enabled him to fulfill his dreams despite being so young.

it is personality are unique and may not be similar to yours, but they can still be compatible so if you’ve had the chance I know him It would be a great reminder for you, although it can be a bit uncomfortable when emotions convince you, even if it’s a famous boy. Jungkook You need your space and respect for your privacy.

Showing your love in a certain way can make a big impression on you. Jungkook has great appreciation for his ARMY, iHe even got the words tattooed on his ankles to thank the fans for their support. With every affection and admiration, he has the feeling that his effort was worth it, because with his voice and music he was able to reach the hearts of many. Fans.

Discover with it Test what first impression you would give him to the dancer and singer of BTS.


Do you consider yourself a girl?

A) Loyal
B) Friendly
C) Impulsive
D) Sentimental

What do you admire most about Jungkook?

A) His voice
B) His way of being
C) His tattoos
D all

If you met him in person, would you …?

A) I would ask for a photo
B) I would tell you what it means to me
C) I would hug it
D) I would try to follow in their footsteps

If Jungkook didn’t have time to greet you …?

A) I would get sad
B) I would understand, idols are busy
C) I would get mad, I’m his fan
D) I would try to chase him down to get an autograph

If you could imitate his style, would you …?

A) Listen to your favorite music
B) Wear similar clothing
C) Get matching tattoos
D) I would all imitate him

Describes Jungkook in one word?

A) Unreal
B) Talented
C) My ideal type
D) The boy I love

In relationships, do you consider yourself …?

A) Cheesy
B) sincere
C) Dependent
D) Jealous

Conquer Jungkook …?

A) I admire him as an artist
B) I would be myself
C) I would write him a letter to confess
D) I would go to South Korea to meet him

You can also find out if your personality fits the idols. How compatible are they?


Loyal ARMY, Most of A

Your fanaticism for Jungkook It’s one of the greatest feelings you have Bts It helped you be happy despite the bad times. They admire Jungkook for his talent and the way he is. Your reaction to meeting him would be that of a fan. You would ask him for a photo, you would cry, and you would keep that memory forever.

Confidence, Most of B

Empathy with people helps you instill a feeling of trust Jungkook When you meet, you will be comfortable with them and able to have a conversation. They will also take a picture with you and you can tell them everything they mean to you. They will respect their space and privacy because they are tired or very busy at times.

Distrust, Most of C

It may be that the emotion wins you over, being impulsive is not good for you because your actions are getting out of hand and when you meet the idol you may want to jump on him to hug him, your euphoria might make him nervous and scare him, you will create suspicion Jungkook and you will lose the opportunity to have a memory by your side.

Harrasment, Most of D

Being famous is not the same as giving in to the fans, they are also human and sometimes they are not in the mood because they are always in public. If you know him and he can’t get close to you, it’s not a reason to get angry, it’s not good to follow him everywhere just to see it up close. Imitating him or doing a bit of bullying is wrong. You should admire and respect him or her so that he doesn’t feel uncomfortable.

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