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TEST: Which BTS life motto is ideal for you?




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BTS, the boys of Bangtan Sonyeondan are a source of inspiration for their talent and charisma, discover which song of the group Idol including the motto that motivates you in life.

Creativity has no limits for the K-Pop idols, BTS has captured very important messages through their music, sharing motivation and understanding for all those who listen to them. If the group manages to give you strength in the most difficult moments, you will love to discover which of their songs reflects how you cope with adversity.

When things get difficult, there are Qualities of each person that will help you to cope and get through the situation. BTS has captured some of these behaviors in Emotional Phrases that will touch your heart.

To find out which verse of the Idols‘ songs best suits you, you must indulge some details of your personality through the following test.

Write down the answers that best reflect your way of being and at the end review which one you chose more times, so you can have the BTS motto that accompanies you in your day to day.

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1. What virtue do you possess?

A) I am an optimist
B) I know my strengths and weaknesses
C) Mistakes don’t stop me
D) I am brave

2. What are you like as a friend?

A) Someone capable of encouraging others
B) A loyal companion
C) Someone who gives objective opinions with the other person’s well-being in mind
D) A creative person who proposes plans

3. You had a bad day, what do you do?

A) I choose an activity that allows me to forget about it and improve my mood
B) I tell myself that we will solve any situation
C) I analyze what happened and reflect on how I should have handled it
D) Nothing, tomorrow will be another day

4. What kind of songs do you prefer to listen to at the beginning of your day?

A) Happy tunes that make me think I will do very well
B) It depends on the mood you wake up in
C) Quiet melodies, which allow me to stay calm
D) Songs full of strength and energy, that make me feel powerful

5. What role do you think is best suited to your personality within a group of friends?

A) Who proposes plans
B) The most sociable person
C) The one who consoles others in difficult times
D) Leader

6. Who do you go to when you are feeling confused or sad?

A) No one, I prefer just to keep the bad thoughts away
B) I prefer to reflect on my own
C) To my family
D) To my friends

7. How do you think people around you would describe you?

A) Happy
B) Committed
C) Intelligent
D) Extroverted

Majority of A

You are a person who prefers not to get stuck in negative feelings, you know it is part of life but you are not willing to give them strength. Your life motto for a BTS song would be as follows:

“Okay, come on, when I say one, two, three, forget everything, forget all the sad memories, hold my hand and smile”

Two! Three! (Because we have more better days)

Majority of B

Your strength is to believe in yourself and know yourself perfectly, no one better than you to know what suits you, so your motto would be:

“I say to myself with confidence you must raise your voice more, even if the intention is not forever”

Forever Young

Majority of C

You know that a very important part of being happy in life is having a great deal of self-esteem and learning from any situation, including mistakes. Your BTS motto would be:

“Now we will forgive ourselves, our lives are long, trust yourself when you are in a maze”

Answer: love me

Majority of D

Your greatest strength in life is not to be afraid of change and challenge, which is why you can keep moving forward with confidence. Your life motto in BTS songs would be

“I choose to have an unconditional faith, it is time to be brave, I am not afraid, because I believe in myself, because I am different from what I was before”

Other: wings

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