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TEST: Which member of TWICE would you be?




TEST: Which member of TWICE would you be?

Which member of TWICE would you be? Find out if your personality fits any of the girls in the K-pop group.

The JYP idols They are distinguished by a great ability to dance and cute concepts. Their songs are a hit with every release because their catchy and fun rhythm has won over fans. Despite being a large group of 9 girls, they managed to get along and adapt to each other regardless of the situation personality of every idol.

The girls from TWICE show a very funny side, but they can also be very shy and have managed to take advantage of theirs qualities to make your dreams come true Some of them are also lovers of solitude, they are sensitive and tend to keep things to themselves, but they have other ways of expressing their style of dress or behavior towards their companions through their hobbies.

Over 5 years TWICE has reached a great chemistry between they respect their preferences, their way of being and, one after the other, shape their style and image that characterize them. They have also developed certain strengths over the course of their careers, such as: B. Confidence in yourself or showing your best so that they will be recognized for their talent rather than their body.

Everyone TWICE member plays a role in the group, from the dancers, rappers, and lead singers who are loving, having fun with others, or who prefer to have their place alone without affecting theirs relationship with the rest. Discover with it exam if you share personality with one of the girls and if you would game with you.



Do you consider yourself a person?

A) Who strives
B) Shy
C) protection
D) Sincerely
E) Outgoing

Which position would you most like?

A dancer
B) dancers and singers
C) singer
D) rappers and dancers
E) rappers

Pay more attention to …?

A) To my dreams
B) What makes me happy
C) For others
E) your feelings

What do you like best about TWICE?

A) His way of being
B) His talent
C) your friendship
D all
E) Your songs and choreography

Are you trying to correct your mistakes and shortcomings …?

A) With my daily exertion
B) trust myself
C) ignore criticism
D) Be my own role model
E) Learn from my mistakes

Do you get on better with people?

A) Same interests
B) Funny
C) love
D) lonely
E) That they are different from me

Something that cannot be missing in your life is …?

A) Have a goal in life
B) food
C) fun
D) Emotional strength
E) My hobbies

What is the least difficult thing for you to do …?

A) Fulfill my responsibility
B) Make an effort
C) Take care of others
D) trust me
E) Express what I think or feel

In your group of friends are you …?

A) The one who studies the most
B) The most energetic
C) Most wild
D) Most sensitive
E) The most serious

Do you like to spend your weekends …?

A) Read or advance assignments
B) Eat my favorite things, go out anyway
C) Make pajamas, watch series or dramas
D) shopping or cooking
E) Spending time alone in my room

To relieve stress …?

A) I focus on other things
B) I’m going for a walk with my pet
C) I’m bleeding someone
D) I dedicate myself to my hobbies
E) He spent time alone clearing me up

The TWICE personality it is diverse and unique. Find out how they describe themselves.

Tzuyu, 8 to 10 points

You are always trying to achieve your goals, you are a shy person and you like to think about a lot of things, you are more connected to your inner world. You don’t like the superficial. You would be one of the singers.

Momo, 12 to 18 points

You like food, one of your hobbies is dancing and although you are funny you are a little shy. You like to exercise, but you also like to enjoy your favorite dishes. You would be the main dancer.

Jihyo, 21 to 28 points

You are a romantic by nature, you like sensitive and emotional things. Music is your favorite hobby and you sing in the shower. They protect others and tend to keep things to themselves. You would be the leader and lead singer.

Nayeon, 32 to 40 points

You are a lovable person who defends their way of being, you don’t get carried away by prejudice, and you stand out for your extroverted way of being. They really enjoy watching series and dramas and are always trying to create an original style. You would be the singer.

Mina, 42 to 49 points

Even though you are shy, you are a competitive person. You have a great passion for dance. You love food and you don’t like extreme attractions. Your ideal clothing style is elegant and aesthetic. You would be one of the main dancers.

Jeongyeon, 50 to 63 points

You always put others in front of yourself. You like adventure and leave your comfort zone to experience new things. They have a unique style and are always honest with people. You would be one of the main singers.

Sana, 72 to 81 points

You get so carried away by your mood that you choose your clothes based on your feelings. You love horror films, you also enjoy writing and you are a very loving person with others. You would be one of the main rappers.

Dahyun, 81 to 90 points

You are unique, not just because of your nature, but also in your style and everything you do. You are a very individualistic person, which means you seldom know someone like you. You are a person who values ​​your solitude and privacy. You would be one of the rappers and dancers.

Chaeyoung, 89 to 100 points

You are a dark or e-girl style person, you like the arts like poetry and painting, they are ways to relieve stress and express yourself. You are a person who can show different facets and adapt to different situations. You would be one of the group’s rappers.

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