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TEST: Which Stray Kids song represents you?




TEST: Which Stray Kids song represents you?

Stray Kids songs express a lot of emotions that their fans can relate to, and one of them could portray you almost perfectly.

The members of Stray children Not only are they talented singers and dancers, but they also have a creative spirit that has enabled them to create many of them Songs and capture the Emotions in a precise way that fascinates many fans of his charm and skills.

You must have heard one of these melodies SKZ What made you feel identified depending on when you are, but one of those tunes might reflect yours Way of being.

Both the style of music and the text his songs reflect some characteristics that go after different ones Personalities, that you character it could be described by one of these melodies.

Discover that song from Stray children represents you, you just need to answer the following questions in this one exam and write down your answers to find out which letter you chose the most. In the end, you can find the result that suits you.

The perfect Stray Kids song for your personality

1. How would you describe yourself?

  • A) Happy
  • B) Extrovert
  • C) Independent
  • D) Shy

2. Choose a quality you own:

  • A) I don’t get depressed easily
  • B) I am always full of energy
  • C) I’ve planned my goals well
  • D) I can express my feelings very well

3. What qualities does a song have to have in order to catch you?

  • A) Be in a good mood
  • B) Make me want to dance
  • C) Give me motivation
  • D) Reflect on how I feel about the lyrics

4. How do you think others perceive you?

  • A) Good company
  • B) Someone who can easily see the pros and cons
  • C) A person who can motivate them
  • D) Someone who tends to keep their feelings to themselves

5. What do you think is your biggest mistake?

  • A) I always want to show a good face to others
  • B) Don’t be reflective
  • C) Be a little selfish
  • D) Overanalyze things even when it’s not necessary

6. What style do you wear when you dress?

  • A) Colorful clothes
  • B) Outfits always in fashion and with accessories
  • C) Simple outfits that won’t go unnoticed
  • D) Comfortable clothes in neutral colors

7. Which activity would you prefer?

  • A) Take a trip or read webtoos
  • B) Engage or engage in sports
  • C) It depends on the day and my mood
  • D) Write a journal or read a book

Most of A


Your answers show that you are a happy and positive person, someone who does not hesitate to show your enthusiasm and spread your optimism. That’s why Be cool it would be that song ideal for you. But don’t forget that we all have good times and bad, and it’s okay to express them.

Most of B


You are distinguished by your confidence, you are a strong person who knows your qualities very well and knows how to use them. Hence the song of Stray children serious for you God’s menu, a melody full of energy that will accompany you every day.

Most of C


You are not afraid of challenges and are an enemy of unnecessary opinions. You’d rather focus on achieving your goals than listening to other people’s opinions. That’s why Easy is the perfect song for you. It’s a tune that shows determination and gives you the strength you need.

Most of D


You are a bit dramatic and you may think that the world is conspiring against you, sometimes you feel lost and suspicious. The perfect song to reflect those feelings is is Hellevator But don’t let the bad times stop you, you have a lot of potential to show.

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