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TEST: Which TWICE style suits you?




TEST: Which TWICE style suits you?

Find out which TWICE style suits you and find out if your personality traits match the idol fashion trends.

The girls from TWICE have a style sweet who managed to change it with the passage of theirs Comebacks where they have proven themselves Singer, dancer Y. rapper clever, which can be transformed with ease.

The K-pop female group represented by JYP Entertainment has interesting music videos in its music history that reflect the personality of the Artists with lively and colorful sets.

What sees from the interpreters of ‘Signal ‘ Do you like it more style from TWICE is the right one for you looks and garments of the Singer They will be a perfect match for your temperament and facial features.

In this quiz you will discover the Outfits from TWICE style that you should dare to try, have fun imitating the shape from wear the 9 stars.

TEST: Which TWICE style suits you?

The results of this test are: (A) (B) (C) (D)

Choose a word that describes your style:

  • Romantic (D)
  • Summer (C)
  • Retro (A)
  • Elegant (B)

Which choreography would you like to learn?

  • I can’t stop me (A)
  • FANCY (B)
  • What is love? (C)
  • Dance the night away (D)

What would be your ideal place to live?

  • A house near the sea (D)
  • A luxury apartment (B)
  • One cabin (C)
  • A small house with a romantic decoration (A)

Choose the colors you like the most:

  • The living and neon (B)
  • The clear and basic (D)
  • The basic colors (A)
  • Pastel colors (C)

Which footwear do you prefer?

  • Tennis (B)
  • Slippers (C)
  • Sandals (D)
  • Boots (A)

One item of clothing that should not be missing in your wardrobe is:

  • An elegant and cute outfit (B)
  • An asymmetrical skirt (A)
  • A flowing dress (D)
  • A set of the same color (C)

What would your job be as an employee of TWICE?

  • Fashion stylist (D)
  • Hairdresser (C)
  • Image Advisor (A)
  • Photography (B)


Most of A

I can’t stop me:

Your soul is retro, you like boots, outfits of the same color, and your personality is tied to the cute, but it has a dark side that compliments you very well. You have the twice style of I can’t stop me.

Most of B


The twice style of the song ‘FANCY’ It’s colorful and fun, the idols of TWICE They wore clothes in neon tones, clothes such as dresses, shorts and skirts. Dare to use it looks inspired by Outfits from the group of K-pop.

Most of C

What is love?:

The twice style of this melody is romantic, dressed in transparent fabrics, shows looks Romantic sets in pastel tones such as yellow, pink, red and beige. What do you think of TWICE outfits?

Most of D

Dance the night away:

‘Dance the night away’ is a perfect song for summer, the girls from TWICE they showed with looks in white and comfortable clothes to be in a hot paradise. These looks from TWICE are perfect for you.

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