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The actor from Choi Sung Won’s agency is being treated for leukemia




The actor from Choi Sung Won's agency is being treated for leukemia

Choi Sung Won is currently being treated for leukemia.

The actor was diagnosed with acute leukemia in May 2016 and was declared cancer free in December 2016. He returned Acting in 2017, but he is now in the hospital to receive treatment for leukemia again.

On November 20, his agency announced, “Choi Sung Won was not in a situation where he was completely cured. He took part in dramas and musicals because his health got much better. He is currently receiving treatment and while his condition is not perfect, he is not serious. ”

In June he was part of the musical “Chami”, which he stopped prematurely for health reasons. Since then, his health has deteriorated and he has been treated again. During this time, a source from his agency stated, “He canceled ‘Chami’ because he couldn’t attend until the end. He’s not in serious condition, but he’s not healthy enough to act. ”

Choi Sung Won made his debut in 2010 with the musical “While You Were Sleeping” and has since participated in various plays, musicals and dramas. He is best known for his role in “Reply 1988” And his last drama was “Psychopath diary.”

I wish Choi Sung a speedy recovery!

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