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The natural beauty of Red Velvet





The natural beauty of Red Velvet

This is the natural beauty of Red Velvet girls without makeup.

Each of the members has unique characteristics that make them look of great natural beauty. In addition to having moles on their faces, they have great significance.

The K-pop girls group Thanks to hits, the SM agency has become one of the most popular in the industry “Bad Boy”, “Psycho”, “Peek-A-Boo”, “Luck”, among other. The girls managed to represent their most adorable and also most attractive side, but without a doubt what stands out most about them is theirs Personality and beauty.

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Red velvet usually has incredible outfits every time she returns, they have also been the face of some advertising campaigns since hers face youthful and happy will be the best draw for fans, but when They do not wear makeup of their natural beauty manages to fall in love with Reveluv because they don’t need any products to highlight that Trains from his face.

Since Moles, Appearance, lips and a perfect complexion, Irene, Joy, Yeri, Wendy and Seulgi are owners of one angelic and beautiful face that seems without a drop of makeup. you also have moles that are not seen with the naked eye or that are hidden, but when you show yours natural skin can easily carry them, also they hide a meaning according to their position.

If you want to know What do girls look like without makeup? We’ll leave you a list with photos of where Red Velvet shows its beauty in front of the camera without being made up. Besides its beauty The girls at Red Velvet also have hidden talents that make them unique know the rare skills each of the members possesses.




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Irene has a very white complexion that makes her look ethereal without having to Make up. She also has a mole on her right cheek that describes her as a lover of art and knowledge. She is an intellectual girl who knows when to give her opinion. Plus, she’s happy with so little, that’s why the idol appreciates small details. Her natural face highlights the lines of her eyes and a fine line of eyelashes as if it were a porcelain doll.



The Wendy’s natural beauty stands out much more when it is without make upas her plump cheeks give her face a delightful look. It also brings out the pink color of your lips without the need to use lipstick. Her eyes are slanted and very black, and her nose is perfectly contoured that makes her look beautiful.



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Do not wear make-up makes the look of joy Look a lot smaller and the dark color of her eyes is more noticeable. She also has plump cheeks and a slightly golden skin tone. it is natural beauty It is very well proportioned as the nose and mouth are perfectly coordinated. She’s a big fan of lipstick and though I am not made up, he likes to color his lips.



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Without makeup, Seulgi shows a smooth and perfect skin that everyone envy. It also highlights his appearance even though he doesn’t have eyeliner or mascara. His eyes are large and expressive enough to captivate you. They also look less slanted than when you used it form. Her moles also stand out in one of her eyes, which she describes as a wise girl, but also classy and sincere, something that suits her fair personality.



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Yeri also highlights the slanting of his eyes when does not wear makeup Their mouth is the most noticeable feature as they are big enough to make them look beautiful. The mole on her nose that can be appreciated, of course, describes her as someone who is lucky but has a strong character.
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