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The qualities that Jisoo and Jin share




The qualities that Jisoo and Jin share

Jisoo and Jin share some traits that set them apart from their group members. What do these K-pop stars have in common?

In the clusters of this branch there are Idols honored by singers, rappers, lead dancers and more, but the characteristics that Jisoo and Jin share are simply awesome.

Fans of both groups were surprised to discover that the Singer share several Trains this had gone unnoticed until now, but as both of them grew in popularity, more looks managed to make theirs a reality similarities.

There have been several times when this Idols they demonstrated that similar that connects them and the fans did not let these moments go unnoticed.

Here are some of the qualities What Jisoo and Jin have in common and that they made quite an impression on social media, which leads some fans to joke that both stars might even be relatives.

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The qualities that Jisoo and Jin share



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Both Idols They may have a serious image, but when fans get to know them better and see them on various shows and online broadcasts, they can see that they are actually extremely funny people who love to joke around with their bandmates.


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Jisoo as Jin are distinguished by their incomparable beauty, which is why they are an important part of the visual line of their respective groups. Everyone has shone in photo shoots demonstrating their physical qualities and how charming they can be.


These two Idols are the oldest members within Bts and BLACKPINK That is why they often take care of the people around them and show their support for their colleagues.

Last name

Jisoo and Jin also share the same last name, a factor that has been used to suggest that their resemblance is so great that they could be family. Both start their name with the last name Kim.

Being kids

According to some fans, the photos that are known of it are Idols When they were young, they also reflected some of their physical similarities, which came as a great surprise to those who first observe them. Do you think they looked similar?


Jisoo and Jin are surprising Singers who are characterized by their achievements together with their respective groups. The ability of these guys is no joke and in every new song they manage to captivate new fans.

These Idols They also perform some similar gestures and the fans have collected some photos demonstrating this. Some of the gestures that were shown together are the poses of lifting their lips, closing their eyes a little when something seems uncomfortable, smiling while they all show teeth and eyes that close on the gesture, and in photo sessions they do They tend to open their mouths a little to show off their charm and seductive side.

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