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“True Beauty”: 8 super sweet moments from episodes 7 and 8




2021 didn’t have the best start, but one can say with certainty: “True beauty” Make up for it.

Seeing the beautiful cast and their adorable interactions made each week more than bearable. Now that the love triangle is intensifying and the actors are more comfortable in the skin of their characters, the series has begun and we are definitely here for it. Here are eight moments from the last few episodes that were way too cute.

Note: Minor spoilers for the latest episodes!

“True Beauty”: 8 super sweet moments from episodes 7 and 8

1. Lee Su Ho gets the bully to apologize to Ju Gyeong

In the last week’s episodes, Ju Gyeong (Moon ga young) is held captive by a bully from another school for the sake of Seo Jun (Hwang in yeob) Come and save her. Both Su Ho (Cha eun woo) and Seo Jun end up saving Ju Gyeong and doing a number against the bully and his friends. As a result, Ju Gyeong suffered trauma from the event. Hoping that Ju Gyeong can find peace again, Su Ho harassed the bully to apologize to her.

"True Beauty": 8 super sweet moments from episodes 7 and 8

"True Beauty": 8 super sweet moments from episodes 7 and 8

This was beyond Su Ho’s duty, but he cares about Ju Gyeong so much that he wants her not to live in fear. Su Ho is constantly thinking about doing things for Ju Gyeong. This includes spending days harassing the bully until he breaks down and apologizes to Ju Gyeong. It must have been a lot of trouble, but Su Ho did it!

2. Seo Jun asks Ju Gyeong to “roar” for him again

After Ju Gyeong teases Seo Jun about seeing him in his underwear, he becomes nervous and more aware of his feelings for Ju Gyeong. He asks her in the hallways if she can yell at him again so he can see if he has the same feelings he had for her when she first did.

We all know why Seo Jun asks her to yell for him again, and it’s the cutest. Tough and cool Seo Jun continues to be baffled by his feelings for Ju Gyeong. To reinforce his feelings, he asks her to roar for him to see if he can get those butterflies back. This part was adorable in that it featured a very confused but real Seo Jun who not only wants to confirm that he likes Ju Gyeong, but wants her to do it again.

3. Jung Gun Joo falls in love with Ju Gyeong at first sight

"True Beauty": 8 super sweet moments from episodes 7 and 8

Jung Gun Joo appears as a hot baseball player named Ryu Hyung Jin. He meets Ju Gyeong for the first time while playing baseball and is in awe of her beauty. He meets her again through a mutual friend and insists on getting her number. He is adamant and adamant about wanting to date Ju Gyeong.

"True Beauty": 8 super sweet moments from episodes 7 and 8

Although this gig was expected to be brief, it was still very cute to watch him quickly fall in love with Ju Gyeong. His intentions are clear and his ability to wear his heart on his sleeve while confessing his love to her in front of everyone was that extra love square we didn’t know we needed. I live for these cameos!

4. Seo Jun is getting butterflies again

There are a few moments in last week’s episodes when Seo Jun has to step back over his feelings for Ju Gyeong. When Ju Gyeong agrees to follow Seo Jun to the department store to get his little sister a birthday present, he cannot hold back his feelings.

This part is really worth looking at again. Seeing the emotions on Seo Jun’s face is everything. You can feel the heart eyes he has for this girl and it’s the most heartbreaking thing ever. Seo Jun is very much in love with Ju Gyeong and only makes the love story even more heartbreaking!

5. Both boys meet at a baseball game

Seo Jun and Su Ho have the impression that Ju Gyeong will appear at Ryu Hyung Jin’s baseball game. In an attempt to hang out with her and make sure nothing happens to Hyung Jin, they both show up about his game. Little do they know that Ju Gyeong has already turned down the baseball star and Seo Jun and Su Ho spend the whole game together without her.

Seo Jun and Su Ho have crazy good bromance chemistry. Although the two are supposed to hate each other, deep down you can tell that they care for each other. You can’t help but smile and giggle that the two are forced to sit together. They are just so cute together!

6. Han Seo Jun serenades Ju Gyeong

It’s no secret that Han Seo Jun was once an idol trainee. So if there’s a talent show on the final night of the school trip, it’s obvious that Seo Jun is performing. His friends throw him under the bus and announce that he will sing a song. He is determined not to want to sing until Ju Gyeong insists, and even agrees to grant him a wish if he performs.

"True Beauty": 8 super sweet moments from episodes 7 and 8

That moment was very passed out. Han Seo Jun with his deep melodic voice is enough to send us over the edge and make him a heartbreaker. The only downfall? Not seeing the song in its entirety.

7. “Don’t get sick.”

When Ju Gyeong falls ill on the excursion, she runs off alone to rest. Seo Jun notices her absence, finds her on the bus and brings her medicine. He sits down next to her and even puts an adorable bracelet on her wrist.

That part was cuteness overload. That part of the episode really showed that Seo Jun is definitely not the bad boy we all thought he was. He has an open and soft heart that only wants love and acceptance from Ju Gyeong. Our hearts only ache for this second tour! He has to stop being so cute.

8. The confession and the kiss in a moment

After a few episodes of Ju Gyeong misunderstanding Su Ho’s intentions and believing that he is in love with another girl, Su Ho finally clears it up. He spends most of the excursion spending time on his own with Ju Gyeong so he can confess to her, but she has to run away from a group of students for them to be alone. Su Ho doesn’t want to waste a moment and confesses to Ju Gyeong that she is the girl he likes and kisses her.

It is time for Su Ho to admit his feelings for Ju Gyeong. All of the misunderstanding and confusion for Ju Gyeong made me all concerned. It was so exciting that he cleared the air and dealt directly with his feelings! How are we ever supposed to wait every week?

You can see the first episode of “True Beauty” here:

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