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“True Beauty”: Cha EunWoo lives with Moon Ga Young father




tvN’s “True beauty” Gave a sweet glimpse into the upcoming episode!

Based on the hit webtoon of the same name, “True Beauty” is a romantic comedy with Moon ga young as Lim Ju Gyeong, a girl who tries to combat her insecurities about her appearance through her makeup skills that make her a “goddess” at school. STAR‘s Cha eun woo Stars like Lee Su Ho, a popular student who secretly harbors his own emotional wounds Hwang in yeob plays Han Seo Jun, an indomitable rebel with a surprisingly warm heart.


In the latest episode of True Beauty, Lee Su Ho tried to hide his feelings for Lim Ju Gyeong after learning that Han Seo Jun had developed feelings for her too. Despite some bumps along the way, Lee Su Ho finally managed to confess his feelings, and the episode ended with the couple sharing their first kiss in the moonlight.

In newly released stills from the next episode of the drama, Lee Su Ho comes unexpectedly closer to another member of the Lim family: Lim Ju Gyeong’s father Lim Jae Pil (played by Park ho san). The photos show the two men hanging out as roommates in Lee Su Ho’s apartment and raise the question of why Lim Ju Gyeong’s father suddenly moved in.

Amusingly, in Lee Su Ho’s digs, Lim Jae Pil looks relaxed and at home – almost like he owns the place. While Lee Su Ho sleeps on the sofa, Lim Jae Pil watches TV alone and finally wakes the sleeping student. He then lovingly tries to feed Lee Su Ho some noodles, and the two characters eventually bond while eating and watching TV together in incredibly identical poses.

"True Beauty": Cha EunWoo lives with Moon Ga Young father

The next episode of “True Beauty” will air January 13th at 10:30 pm KST.

In the meantime, you can catch up on the drama with the following subtitles!

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