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TWICE Nayeon shares her wishes for this season




TWICE Nayeon shares her wishes for this season

Nayeon shared with ONCE the plans she would like to make with her colleagues at TWICE, the member of the girls’ group JYP Entertainment that was shared behind the scenes on the ‘Love Is Everything’ video.

On the 24th of December Nayeon threw in Home page from ‘Love Is Everything’, original by Ariana Grande, The song was part of JYP Entertainment’s Melody Project. The MV showed that idol in snowy sets.

The latest Christmas tune from the member of TWICE received all the affection of ELEVEN Of all measures and the clip, 1.9 million reproductions within the YouTube platform were exceeded.

A few hours ago on the official channel of TWICE, published behind the scenes of ‘Love Is Everything’, Nayeon He taught the fun exercises he did before recording the track and the different locations he visited to record the cover’s official video clip.

The ‘Feel Special’ interpreter shared the wishes that she would like to fulfill very soon, including her colleagues from TWICE and all of his adorable pets. We’ll tell you all the details below.


In a part behind the scenes I am nayeon appeared with Kookeu, his cute and fluffy pup was wearing a Santa suit and some cute reindeer antlers that were a little too big.

The member of TWICE She confessed that one of her biggest wishes this season was having a great party with her group friends, and the touch of fun was inviting her pets.

Nayeon remembered eating with everyone, but this 2020 they didn’t have a chance to get together to celebrate the holidays. Another vacation dynamic she longed for was organizing a secret Santa Claus.

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Mina, Dahyun, Momo and Jeongyeon Hopefully take care of their cute little dogs of different breeds Nayeon and TWICE Have plenty of time to hang out with your furry friends.

The girls from TWICE had a successful 2020, the K-pop idols blinded the world of music with their record material. ‘Eyes wide open ‘.

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