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TWICE shares the characteristics of their ideal guy




TWICE shares the characteristics of their ideal guy

The members of TWICE K-Pop group have revealed what are the most important qualities a guy must have to win his heart. We’ll tell you what everyone said.

TWICE is one of the most popular groups of girls, idols have a sweet and charming atmosphere that can transform on stage and show their strength. They stole thousands of hearts and even though they are not with anyone, they released what most draws them from a Boy.

The members’ agenda and their work as Idols she thinks a little of that romancebut that doesn’t prevent them from seeing qualities those are more interesting in other people, especially in guys that would make her heart beat faster.

Each of the TWICE members is looking characteristics Special, both in the physical and in the personality of her ideal boy. Below is what kind of person would make them fall in love.

Let us know if you share the taste with any of the members of TWICE or if that was you ideal guy from one of them.

What is the ideal boy of TWICE?

Is idol not disclosed qualities physically for yours ideal guy, but as for yours personality, thinks it is very important for him to be someone who wouldn’t betray her so that she can trust him fully.

The ideal guy for this idol She would be someone she feels comfortable with. So if she has a good sense of humor she would have a lot of points in front of her because they could laugh together and share very good times. AWW!

The qualities that Momo I would look for your ideal type if you have a bon appetite but keep in shape. So it should probably be a guy who likes to exercise and stay healthy.

To the Anger It would be ideal to meet a boy who treats his parents well and loves them too much. He wants this person to love dogs and have a good appetite so they are likely to have dates where they will have to try delicious food.

The ideal guy from Jihyo is someone you can show your true self with without feeling uncomfortable. The idol revealed that she could fixate on a man who made her feel like they were both together, even without being a couple.

She wants a boy who is cute and who can easily interact. it is ideal guy It would be someone who is fun but not hesitant to show your concern for them. Also, be a good person when making decisions.

The qualities that Dahyun chose for his ideal type of man They imply that she is someone who is trustworthy and kind, loves her too much and doesn’t hesitate to show it, but also someone who is kind to her parents.

Therefore TWICE idol The most important thing is that the other person loves them and takes care of them, but as an additional trait the rapper mentioned that she wants to dress well, what kind of clothes do you think she is ideal guy?

Among the qualities of him ideal guy He mentioned that he has to be someone attractive and that he has a good relationship with his parents because it seems very important that family relationships are good. She wants him to be a boy who is dedicated to his job and very professional.

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