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TWICE shares the sad side of a K-pop trainee




TWICE shares the sad side of a K-pop trainee

The path of a K-pop trainee in uncertain, many idols had a difficult path before and after debut. The members of TWICE told various stories that demonstrated the hidden side of their careers on stage.

TWICE debuted on October 20, 2015 after fierce competition on the television show SIXTEEN where 16 K-pop trainees from the company JYP Entertainment were looking for a passport for the official lineup of the group.

Currently the band is led by Jihyo is one of the most recognized and successful in the industry K-pop, recently achieved the title of 100 million seller thanks to the accumulated sales of their record materials.

The race of TWICE Was shaped by fame, before idols became world famous, they went through moments that lasted if the path they went was the right one or if their dreams ever came true.

On various occasions the 9th Singer and rapper shared the difficulty they had in being a part of it TWICE, during her time as an apprentice, on the show SIXTEEN and the criticism What have you got? We’ll tell you all the details below.

The difficulties that went through TWICE before their debut

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Sana, Mina and Momo They had to leave Japan, move to South Korea, the idols learned a new language and faced a different culture than they did, despite the problems they held on to in their conviction for the debut.

Tzuyu She left Taiwan when she was very young, got used to the life of an apprentice, and began working hard in her language, dance, rap and modeling classes. Jeongyeon She also had some doubts, she confessed that she often thought about abandoning her goals and opening a bakery.

Image criticism is a part of a K-pop trainee that Momo and Jihyo experienced in their Pre-debut. During the show SIXTEEN, a photographer and image consultant criticized the leader of TWICE Based on her appearance and the main dancer in the group, she confessed that the company proposed shedding 10 pounds in front of the first TT interpreters’ window.

Chaeyoung He missed his family so much that the idea of ​​giving up his classes should be idol of K-pop In the end, he decided to follow his heart and managed to enter as a member of TWICE.

Recently the idols of TWICE they premiered the song ‘Cry for me‘, the idols published the choreography of the track at the award ceremony MAMA 2020. Yay!

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