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TWICE the meaning behind the idols name




TWICE the meaning behind the idols name

Do you think the TWICE girls’ charisma and talents are reflected in areas of their lives outside of the stage? Find out what the real names of these Asian idols mean.

When a person is born, their family has the best wishes for the rest of their life, whether they are hoping to be lucky or have certain qualities. For this reason, some choose Names for newborns beyond how good they sound, but also taking into account the message behind each word.

We know that Names of Asian origin They are very different from the ones we normally hear around us, but thanks to our proximity to other cultures we can appreciate them and be curious about them, both for their conformation and for Meanings.

The names vary dramatically from country to country within the Asian continent, but everywhere we try to convey a special message through them. The girls from TWICE They are best known for their artistic names, which are made up of two syllables in Korean (excluding the last name), but when their families chose what they would be called they certainly took into account what those words convey.

Because the group has members from different parts of the world, below you will find different ones Meanings and names according to their place of origin. We tell you what is one of the interpretations for the message and the properties it contains.

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What qualities does the name of every TWICE member reveal?


It is said to be Surname it has a sacred character and refers to someone who listens well. He is someone who is able and very adept at showing the best of himself in front of others. An interesting person who will take the time to achieve harmony but who will undoubtedly achieve it.


A wordy, outgoing person with a fun side that not everyone can see. his Surname It also reflects characteristics such as maturity, commitment and responsibility.


Her Surname indicates that he is a kind and helpful person. Unpredictable and with a unique beauty that makes it shine everywhere. This is someone who values ​​themselves and the efforts they make.


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Some point out that the name of it idol it reflects the incredible gifts she have and one of them is strength. She is someone who is intelligent, constant, and with great ingenuity when facing new challenges so that she can be perceived as an extremely brave person.


A young soul who is characterized by his determination and his love for everything artistic. Persistent, hardworking and thoughtful when breaking new ground. He has a good personality full of charisma.


The Surname of this TWICE member reflects your connection with nature and refers to the highest point of a mountain or mountain, a bright place. It is characterized by an aura that illuminates every place and infects joy. He is a positive and energetic person.


Passionate, talented and persistent. He Surname these Singer reflects a strong personality that hides behind her beauty and tenderness and, thanks to her positive energy, can captivate everyone around her.


Her Surname means peach in english, and reflects their good character and the energy that sets them apart. She is someone who gets attention without trying, tries to be optimistic, and almost always has a fresh image.


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The name of this Singer could show the calm and tranquility that characterize it. As a sweet person with consideration for others, she has a charm of her own that only shows when the time is right for her.

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