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TXT and BTOB were both impressed by Soobin’s and Minhyuk’s resemblance




TXT and BTOB were both impressed by Soobin's and Minhyuk's resemblance

The similarity between TXT Soobin and BTOB Minhyuk only surprised the fans, but also Soobins and Minhyuk’s own bandmates!

On November 20th, BTOB 4U – a new unit consisting of Eunkwang, Minhyuk, Changsub and Peniel – made her unit debut on KBS 2TVs “Music bench, ”Where Soobin is currently an MC. Before her performance, Soobin interviewed BTOB members about their new song, once playfully referring to its famous resemblance to Minhyuk (since Soobin’s debut last year, many fans have pointed out the uncanny similarity between the two idols).

During a section where he asked a different question to each BTOB 4U member, Soobin turned to Minhyuk and jokingly asked, “Minhyuk, what do you think when you see my face?” Minhyuk patted Soobin on the shoulder affectionately and replied with a laugh: “Wow, he has everything. I’m jealous, so jealous. “A dizzying soobin couldn’t hide his joy and thanked him more than once before moving on to the next question.

Later, a fan asked Minhyuk on Twitter, “Minhyuk !! Did you know everyone went crazy after you and TXT’s Soobin shot two shots together today? If you both say you look alike, hehehehe. ”

Just a few minutes later, Minhyuk replied with a smiley emoji: “Do you think it’s just you guys who went crazy? Throughout the day, everyone in our locker room was going crazy every time the MC interview came on. ”

The next morning, Soobin enthusiastically replied to Minhyuk’s tweet and wrote, “We were crazy on our side too !! You really are that pretty. The next time we meet, we could take a selfie together …! ”

Do you think Soobin and Minhyuk look alike? Check out the clip of BTOB 4U’s adorable “Music Bank” interview below!

Watch the full episode of Music Bank with English subtitles here:

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