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TXT’s Taehyun reveals on Weverse that he broke his finger





Taehyun from TXT commented for Weverse that he broke his finger.

Before the presentation of TXT in the M countdown, Taehyun commented by Weverse that he had a finger injury.

Read Taehyun’s message:

Taehyun reveals on Weverse that he broke his finger

MOA, I am Taehyun !!

I’m writing this because I want to tell you something before today’s “M Countdown” broadcast. It’s only been three days since we returned but due to my hasty desire to meet our MOA [el fandom oficial de TXT] As soon as possible, I accidentally hit my finger while filming a variety show and broke my right pinky finger.

The doctor said if I take good care of it, it will get better with no side effects. But if I want the bone to heal quickly and cleanly, they said I need to wear a protector so I guess I need to wear finger guards for the time being when I perform on stage. Performing alone on stage is no problem! So our MOA, you don’t have to worry too much! I’m fine!

In fact, I’m grateful that at least I can get on stage and do my best, and I’m sorry to my TXT colleagues and MOA for giving you cause for concern when it should start. happy. I’ll do my best to recover and get back quickly with my right hand intact!

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