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Tzuyu talks about TWICE’s comeback




Tzuyu talks about TWICE's comeback

In a live video, Tzuyu interacted with VLive users. The K-pop idol talked about various topics like the comeback of TWICE, an upcoming melody project, lived with their adorable pups and sent a birthday greeting to someone special.

Chou tzuyu is one of the most popular artists in the Korean music industry. She is characterized by her beauty and talent ELEVEN He loves the actor from ‘MORE & MORE’ very much. Owww!

A few hours ago in a broadcast from Lifemet the idol of the agency JYP Entertainment ELEVEN It brought together more than 100,000 people from around the world and garnered 12 million likes.

Tzuyu She had a very special guest, the small and adorable butter accompanied her through the video, the adorable little dog showed his training by behaving up to the top, he just played and received love from the singer.


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Originally from the Taiwanese city of Tainan, the idol answered all the doubts of curious viewers, some asked them about the next comeback of TWICE and others asked about their upcoming activities.

In the broadcast chat once wrote if Tzuyu had planned to start one melody Project, she read the message and replied that although she did not reveal more details, the reveal would certainly make fans excited.

The dancer said she did not know exactly when the musical return from TWICE, showed a sad face, then the Internet users commented that they would wait long enough for the next one come back.

Tzuyu used the time in front of the camera to wish Shuhua from the girl group (G) I-DLE a happy birthday.

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