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Which BLACKPINK song will help you get over your ex?




Which BLACKPINK song will help you get over your ex?

Find out which BLACKPINK song will help you get over your ex and what the perfect surrender is to say goodbye to that bad relationship. Music is the medicine for broken hearts.

The yg group of girls has cemented its worldwide fame thanks to songs “Lovesick Girls”, “How do you like that?”, “Ice Cream”, “DDU-DU”, “Bombayah” and “Whistle”, amongst other things. His lyrics are full of girl power and inspire you to show your inner strength, the voices of Jennie, Rosé, Lisa and Jisoo They are the perfect anthem for the dis love.

With Letters who talk about haters, love, love breaks, broken hearts, emotional pain, among other things, BLACKPINK has conquered BLINK with its best Songs and these can help you get over your ex. Say goodbye to them toxic relationships and find the cure for not lover with his music.

The repertoire of K-pop group will be perfect soundtrack for your love lifeeven if it failed that musical catharsis It is one of the best therapies for overcoming sad moments, especially when that special person has left our lives. Although none of them have seen any Relationship, love was his greatest inspiration, especially on his latest album “The album”.

Explore according to your needs personality and your love story Which BLACKPINK song will help you get over your ex?

Quiz: Kpop: How Much Do You Know?


Do you consider yourself a girl?
A) Sensitive
B) Confident
C) Unsure
D) Ripe

Are you a girlfriend in relationships …?
A) love
B) committed
C) Dependent
D) Independent

If something goes wrong with this boy, will you …?
A) I get sad
B) I feel like my guilt
C) I’m trying to get over it
D) Life goes on, it wasn’t one

Are you acting in a love affair …?
A) I get sad for several days
B) tried to fix things
C) I try to go out with my friends
D) I focus on loving myself and being positive

If an ex blames you for the relationship, do you …?
A) Keep believing that there is someone for me
B) He tried to apologize when I did something wrong
C) You learn from mistakes
D) It’s your fault and I shouldn’t care about your opinion

Do you like love songs for …?
A) Be honest and express my feelings
B) Be rude and help with catharsis
C) They help you overcome emotional problems
D) Be perfect pointers for that person

What kind of song would you dedicate to this boy?
A) A farewell
B) One of heartbreak
C) One out of spite
D) One that has clues

Do you think so when love ends …?
A) Your heart will heal
B) It will be difficult to trust again
C) My self-esteem is low
D) It is a new opportunity for self-love

The BLACKPINK music has managed to consolidate the world fame of girls who were named Group of the Year by Variety Magazine at the Hit Makers Ceremony.

Find out which Blackpin Song will help you overcome your EX

Most of A

“We were born to be alone, but why are we always looking for love? I’m used to crying, it always hurts.”

If you are in a toxic relationship or want to let that person know that they hurt you and even though you love them you need to say goodbye, this song is ideal for you. No matter how great the love is, sometimes the pain forces us to leave, but we shouldn’t lose hope of finding someone who will appreciate us.

Most of B

“What should I do? I can’t be so weak while forcing myself to hide my tears … I have to end this love.”

If this boy is not going well, it is best to say next. Ending the toxic relationship will be healthier for you, especially if that person is trying to control you or make you feel bad. Don’t let someone blame you when things don’t work out. You have the power to say goodbye and take care of your heart.

Most of C

“It’s a new beginning because I’ll never look back …”

When ending a relationship, it is best to overcome the past, the mistakes, and the good moments. You may still like this boy, but sometimes you deserve better than a simple adventure or relationship that wasn’t taken over by this boy.

Most of D

“I have nothing to regret, we did what we could. It doesn’t matter to me whether I have you or not, all your promises will be returned.”

That this boy doesn’t make you feel bad, that you are worth a lot, and that he lost a girl of great value. Promises are not valuable if they are not kept. The best thing is to show that you have a lot of confidence in yourself and can move on without a relationship that made you sad rather than happy.

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