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“You Quiz on the Block”: Gong Yoo talks about his true personality





In the TVN program “You Quiz on the Block” on November 25th Gong Yoo made a guest appearance and talked about his true self, his “Goblin” Costs Lee Dong Wook, and more!

While the hosts caught up with the star Jo Se Ho asked: “What is it like to live as Gong Yoo?” The actor replied, “I never thought about it.” Then he shared that he was just leading a normal life, adding, “There is a certain image and fantasy that my previous roles and projects created for me, but as Gong Ji Chul [Gong Yoo’s birth name] and not Gong Yoo, I’m just normal. Nothing stands out. ”

When asked about his true personality, he said, “I’m more absent-minded than people think, and I’m not very loving because it makes me wince.” He went on to compare himself to his “Coffee prince” Character said, “Choi Han Gyul was sweet to his family. My mom told me to be more like that in real life. ”

The actor also mentioned that he’s not the type of person women prefer. I have stated, “I do not tend to be brave or brave when it comes to love. If anything, I can only confess my feelings when I become one of my characters because it’s nice to think that I am not really. But being the real Gong Ji Chul is difficult. ”

He continued, “That’s why I like to play. I become a character that is not me and do everything I couldn’t because I was too shy or embarrassed in real life. There is a feeling of satisfaction associated with this. ”

"You Quiz on the Block": Gong Yoo talks about his true personality

Later in the episode, the hosts mentioned that they heard from someone that Gong Yoo was slightly upset. Gong Yoo suspected that this “someone” was his “Goblin” co-star Lee Dong Wook. Then he brought up Lee Dong Wook’s coffee and snack truck cleverly the location of “You Quiz on the Block”.

“Why did he send that?” Gong Yoo joked. “He’s a smart one.” Gong Yoo then said, “He kills three birds with one stone” and described how Lee Dong Wook tries to win Gong Yoo and the two hosts over.

Gong Yoo described Lee Dong Wook as being smart. “He’s like a real fox,” said Gong Yoo, referring to Lee Dong Wook’s current role as gumiho (mythical nine-tailed fox) in “Tale of the nine-tailed. ”

The actor also shared, “I don’t get angry that easily. Instead, I would say that others get upset about me a lot. “In response, Yoo jae suk joked: “Given that you have a lot to say, it looks like you’re actually upset.”

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