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Yuta, 10 reasons you’ll love NCT’s idol




Yuta, 10 reasons you'll love NCT's idol

The NCT 2020 member Yuta made his debut thanks to his artistic skills and tenacity. There are personality traits that are adorable and that will melt your heart as a fan.

Yuta was born on October 26, 1995 in Kadoma City, Prefecture of Osaka in Japan The Idol started his idol dream in 2011 while playing at SM Global Audition.

He started out as apprentice in the agency SM entertainment and joined the project SMROOKIES Due to his professionalism, he was announced as an official member of the sub-unit in 2016 NCT 127.

NCTzen has not ceased to be amazed at the different talents of Nakamoto Yuta is an artist out K-pop of a cheerful, gentle personality and showed his gifts as a great stage companion.

Here are 10 strong reasons to love idol and start following the rapper race Singer and dancers from New culture technology. The star will conquer your heart with its charms.

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Get to know Yuta from NCT 2020 better and fall in love with him


Yuta is a idol Music is extremely talented and one of his greatest inspirations in making his dreams come true New culture technology ready to be one Artists full.


Idol let his life in Japan be an entertainer Korean, the idol from HER He showed his maturity and tenacity on debut after overcoming many obstacles.


Nakamoto Yuta can speak two languages, Japanese and Korean, the rapper out NCT 2020 He quickly learned the Korean language to be able to communicate better with his colleagues.


The idol from the agency SM entertainment He is a sensitive person and a very good companion, his sense of responsibility is very high and he is the first to help his colleagues if necessary.


Rappers off New culture technology It has an urban and casual style, its way of dressing is unique and it combines different pieces that give it a special touch.


A feature of Yuta is that he can perform on stage and will captivate the audience with his presence, his way of dancing, singing and his ability to rap.


The personality of Nakamoto Yuta is cheerful and fun to be your companion NCT 2020 You have shown that your partner is very charismatic.


Yuta is a sports lover, especially soccer, who idol Japanese is a staunch supporter of this discipline. When he was little, he dreamed of being a professional footballer.


The body of Yuta is very elegant and his strong movements allowed him to develop his skills for Model, he estimated in a special issue of SPUR MAGAZINE JAPAN.


New culture technology has shown itself to be a dynamic group with very original concepts, Yuta very well adapted to any style of the subunits K-pop.

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